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Beyond the Canopy by Klowner Beyond the Canopy by Klowner
A fairly simple piece I did over the span of a couple days. Interpret it as you wish, the title should give you a slight clue as to my interpretation of the piece. :-)

Creation Info:
Photograph of hostas taken outside my house using a Canon PowerShot A80, color and post in GIMP.
Little robot guy created and composited into the photo completely with Inkscape 0.45, no post work after that.
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rainbow-tye Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2007  Student
Loves It!!!!!!!!!!
microUgly Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2007
This is so cute. Great character design. I would love to see more of this little guy.

As for ScilaC's comment about his left toe, aside from lacking a touch of shadow, I think they also pop because the clip against the leaf is so sharp. Other areas, where the leaves clip, the leaves have a thin highlight or shadow which gives depth. That particular leaf doesn't have that seperation making it appear sharper - so I think some softening might help. But this is being picky.

Am I watching you? I think I need to.
ScislaC Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Fantastic piece man! I think the plant photo is great and you tastefully edited it as well.

Advanced critique encouraged, eh? ;)

I guess the only thing I would say is that the lighting/shading seems a tad off in 2 specific areas with the robot. 1) It seems like his right leg and bottom-right arm (the ones visually on the left) should be slightly more in the shade (nothing drastic). 2) Something about his left toe (visually on the right) that seems to make it stand out. Perhaps just a very small shadow from where the plant is going over his foot would make it appear more seamless (I really think it's just the hard edge there that makes it stand out).

How long did this take you btw? And did you use clippaths/masks or was it purely drawing only what was necessary? BTW, if you don't follow development of inkscape, when 0.46 comes out (one day), I think it will knock your socks off. :P
Klowner Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2007  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the critique :)

I agree about the shade on the right leg and second right arm, perhaps I'll go back in and add a little more shading to those areas. Then the left toe thing, it would probably help if I had added some more pronounced shadows below the toes. When I was originally going over the photo, it didn't pop out at me that the toes would be popping out there since the stem on that leaf matches the leaf below it so closely.

Here's the outline of the little creature: [link]
As you can see, I mostly only created the spots that were visible, and then added masks as needed.

I did it over the span of a few afternoons, probably a total of 8 or 9 hours.

I haven't been keeping track on Inkscape dev, but they've been doing a great job of introducing nice new features with every release it seems, at least for the past few versions. I'm still waiting for animation support :-(
ScislaC Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
An interesting point that one of the main developers brought up when I showed him, was he thought it could use a little indirect lighting on the creature. Which ties into something else...

If you don't mind instability (due to the amount of new stuff added recently), I would highly recommend checking out a development copy of inkscape. We have added new filters in addition to gaussian blur. Most importantly, blend modes... which I think would really help with the indirect lighting. If you're interested in checking out a dev copy, let me know. Honestly, I don't foresee 0.46 being released until September at the soonest (most likely after that though).

We have so many new features going in to the next release it's pretty amazing (easily more big stuff added this dev cycle than we've had for any release in the past). Oh, and there still isn't any word on people working on animation yet, sorry about that. I will drop a "however" though, a few of our devs are actually starting an animation project separate from inkscape that won't be limited by the SVG specification (because SVG animation is somewhat limited in the grand world of animation).

Also, thanks for the outline... definitely good to see how others work. :)
MathBurton Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2007
hey! Amazing Work! v:)
plasmo Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2007
awesome :)
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